An analysis of the bad influences of my friends in my freshman year in high school

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An analysis of the bad influences of my friends in my freshman year in high school

I was sitting in my dorm room, studying for midterms on a Friday night — not because I had to but because it legitimately felt like the best option available.

This place is swarming with complete strangers who are nice and smart but will probably never be your people. Of course, I would soon realize that feeling socially frustrated is a pretty common first semester freshman year experience and not an actual prediction of the next four years.

While partying in college may be relatively straightforward, the process of making new, authentic friends is uniquely challenging in a way that nobody really prepares you for. The key thing to remember is that most freshmen struggle to make new friends, albeit to varying degrees.

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But it is possible to avoid graduating a social leper, especially with these tips in mind: Patience is a virtue: I could only take so many awkward silences and overcompensating fake laughs without longing for the easy banter I had with my high school friends.

But I soon realized everybody I was talking to was probably thinking the same thing and I was likely coming off in much the same way to them as they were to me. First of all, you will form the strongest, most enduring bonds with those who know the real you.

You want people who will take the good and the bad — and, importantly, you must remember to do the same in return. Your friendships from home will change, too. I probably idealized my high school friendships my first semester and self-destructively convinced myself nobody new could ever measure up, which, of course, turned out to be bullshit.

Additionally, when the holidays came around and my high school friends and I got together over Thanksgiving and Winter break, I realized that our bond was already starting to change as an inevitable consequence of time and distance.

More than anything, it was a matter of practicality: Of course, we enjoyed and still enjoy spending time together and remain in each other lives, but old friendships will change. At the end of the day, when it comes to making true friends your freshman year, the biggest favor you can do for yourself and others is to embrace vulnerability instead of pretending like you have it figured out and have SUPER AWESOME plans all the time.

Put yourself out there.

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Start a conversation with whoever is sitting next to you in class. Image via Anna Schultz.Walking through the halls an analysis of the soviet propaganda of our schools last Thursday, I was making my way through seas of crimson, scarlet and an analysis of the bad influences of my friends in my freshman year in high school auburn.

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An analysis of the bad influences of my friends in my freshman year in high school

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This was the largest failure in Australian business history. Royal commission was appointed investigate re-issue of HIH Insurance collapsed . My school had a guy from UNC CH come and speak to us about admissions and he wanted everybody to know that a bad freshmen year is not a big deal at all.

As long as you have the upward trend afterwards you should be fine.

An analysis of the bad influences of my friends in my freshman year in high school

Skills I Learned in High School. English 5A September 9th, My Skills From High School Learning to read and write in college is a situation parallel to Issac Newton’s quote, “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.” This is because Newton was able to advance the knowledge of science because he simply advanced the research of other great scientists.

Aug 03,  · As a freshman, I was a painfully shy girl who knew only two other people in my new high school. Making friends was a struggle. Making friends was . My one day essay jungle book introduction for an immigration essay what is a synthesis essay musical high school days essay cover page writing a comparison essay diversity essay my favourite place your our past essay country (about a boy essay nepali food) sample essay letter short story analysis.

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