Book essay glass into looking reading wood world

It was never my intention to get so heavily involved in the issue of trans woman-inclusion in lesbian and women-only spaces.

Book essay glass into looking reading wood world

Each of the brief chapters, furthermore, is divided into small, individual, almost isolated episodes. And the story begins with Alice and her sister sitting on the bank of a river reading a book which has no pictures or dialogue in it.

However, he is not merely a rabbit; he will be the "White Rabbit," a major character in the novel.

Book essay glass into looking reading wood world

In this first paragraph, then, we learn about the protagonist, Alice, her age, her temperament, and the setting and the mood of the story. In a dream, Alice has escaped from the dull and boring and prosaic world of adulthood — a world of dull prose and pictureless experiences; she has entered what seems to be a confusing, but perpetual springtime of physical, if often terrifying, immediacy.

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The White Rabbit wears a waistcoat, walks upright, speaks English, and is worrying over the time on his pocket watch. Alice follows him simply because she is very curious about him. And very soon she finds herself falling down a deep tunnel.

For a few minutes, she is frightened; the experience of falling disorients her. Soon, however, she realizes that she is not falling fast; instead, she is falling in a slow, almost floating descent.

As she falls, she notices that the tunnel walls are lined with cupboards, bookshelves, maps, and paintings. She takes a jar of orange marmalade off a shelf.

But finding the jar empty, she replaces it on a lower shelf, as though she were trying to maintain a sense of some propriety — especially in this situation of absolute uncertainty. As she reflects on the marmalade jar, she says that had she dropped the jar, she might have killed someone below.

But like an ordinary little girl, she feels homesick for her cat, Dinah. In that respect, she is in sharp contrast with conventional child heroines of the time.

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Although Alice may be curious and sometimes bewildered, she is never too nice or too naughty. But she is always aware of her class-status as a "lady. As she falls through the rabbit-hole, for instance, she wonders what latitude or longitude she has arrived at.

This is humorous and ridiculous because such measurements — if one stops to think about it — are meaningless words to a seven-year-old girl, and they are certainly meaningless measurements of anything underground. In Chapter II, Alice finds herself still in the long passageway, and the White Rabbit appears and goes off into a long, low hall full of locked doors.

Book essay glass into looking reading wood world

Behind one very small door, Alice remembers that there is "the loveliest garden you ever saw" remember, she saw this in Chapter Ibut now she has drunk a liquid that has made her too large to squeeze even her head through the doorway of the garden.

She wishes that she could fold herself up like a telescope and enter. This wish becomes possible when she finds a shrinking potion and a key to the door. The potion reduces her to ten inches high, but she forgets to take the key with her!

Yet here in Wonderland, things change — for no known reason — thus, logic has lost all its validity. Suddenly, she is a distorted nine feet tall! Clearly, her ability to change size has been a mixed blessing. In despair, she asks, "Who in the world am I? Why has she shrunk? She saves herself by instantly dropping the fan.

But now she is desperate; in vain, she searches her mind for something to make sense out of all this illogical chaos, something like arithmetic and geography, subjects that are solid, lasting, and rational.

But even they seem to be confused because no matter how much she recites their rules, nothing helps.

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At the close of this chapter, she is swimming desperately in a pool of her own tears, alongside a mouse and other chattering creatures that have suddenly, somehow, appeared.

The mouse offers to dry the other creatures and Alice by telling them a very dry history of England. Then, Carroll attacks politics: The assembled, unearthly creatures cannot accept ordinary language, and so Alice experiences, again, absolute bafflement; this is linguistic and semantic disaster.

We might also add to the concept of a constancy of identity a conformity of word usage.I tried MealSquares a while back, based on the sidebar advertisement, and liked them pretty well (“liked” in the “this works well for me” sense, not the “food reward” sense).


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Someone Reading a Book Is a Sign of Order in the World.

Written by Mary Ruefle Contributor Page: Posted and the sweat beginning to form on my body, and the window glass was about to break into pieces. The pencil sharpener on the wall was salivating. I flipped to the back of the book where there were brief paragraphs about each of the.

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