Building an empire engineering marvels of

But what about those astounding modern man-made marvels, which can make anyone gasp in awe? Engineering wonders, such as bridges, tunnels or railways that connect cities and even countries, a spacecraft that sends man to the moon or a skyscraper built to withstand an earthquake, all have one thing in common. They are made to solve a problem and to make life easier for humankind. As technology advances and as man gets more creative and competitive, the list of engineering wonders will keep growing.

Building an empire engineering marvels of

Friday, 23 March 11 Breathtaking Engineering Marvels In India A fundamental part of being human is to try and surpass any given limits. Take a look at some of the unfathomable engineering marvels in India which will make you proud to call yourself Indian: Theerthakund The First one in the list is Theerthakund.

These lingams are made of Truly a spectacle to behold, if you are so lucky. Taj Mahal It comes as no surprise that the Taj Mahal is on this list. In fact, it was built by the late emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his then late third wife Mumtaz Mahal. He employed over 20, workers and spent over 30 million rupees inmind you to complete what is today one of the seven original wonders of the world.

Meenakshi Amman Temple, Madurai A clear exhibition of the stupendous richness of South Indian architecture, this wonderful edifice is a vital element of the important heritage of the region.

One of the largest temples in India, the Meenakshi Amman Temple has 12 massive gates, with biggest gates situated on the outer walls. These are known as Gopuram and are a great spectacle. There is a tank inside the premises, besides a hall, known as the hall of thousand pillars, the amazing sculpting on which is beyond compare.

Other halls too are adorned with beautiful figures, designs and carvings and are unique from each other. The original temple was reconstructed in the 17th century by the first Nayak king of Madurai, Vishwanath Nayak after it was damaged during Islamic invasion of the region.

The temple along with its complex now spreads in an expansive 45 acres space and is a major spot for Hindu devotees and cultural admirers. Cave 16, in particular, features the largest single monolithic rock excavation in the world, the Kailasha temple, a chariot shaped monument dedicated to Shiva.

The Kailasha temple excavation also features the gods, goddesses, and mythologies found in Vaishnavism, Shaktism as well as relief panels summarizing the two major Hindu Epics. There are over caves at the site, all excavated from the basalt cliffs in the Charanandri Hills, 34 of which are open to public.

They were built in proximity to one another and illustrate the religious harmony that existed in ancient India. Funding for the construction of the monuments was provided by royals, traders and the wealthy of the region. The Temple was built in the classical Kerala and Dravidian style and is in honour of Lord Vishnu, who can be seen reclining on Anantha, the serpent.

Sadly, not everyone is allowed into this temple. Only those who profess the Hindu faith are. But if you ever get the chance, take it without thinking twice.

Matrimandir Many of you may not recognize this name right away, but if I said Golden Globe in Auroville, would it ring a bell? Matrimandir is an edifice of spiritual significance for those who practice internal yoga or kriya.

Building an empire engineering marvels of

It took 37 years to build and was finally made open to the public soon after. What makes it spectacular is that it is the longest railway tunnel that exists in India 11 kilometres long and the second largest in all of Asia.

Indian Railways started the project after growing concerns of safety near the Himalayan region. Trains which pass through this tunnel will now go through 11 kilometres of undisturbed rails. The bridge is 5. It took over 10 years to make and now caters to overvehicles. The bridge was inaugurated in and since then, a drive to Worli from Bandra or vice versa takes only one-third the time down from 90 minutes to 30 minutes max in peak traffic.

Located in the Bangame Tech Park, C.Season 1, Episode 2 The Empire State Building First Aired: January 21, A history of the Empire State Building, which opened in and was the world's tallest building. As the Roman Empire grew, “the aqueducts went wherever Rome went,” says the book Roman Aqueducts & Water Supply.

Travelers in Asia Minor, France, Spain, and North Africa can still gaze in awe at these ancient marvels of engineering. Photo: Shutterstock Engineering Marvels: The Great Pyramid. The facts and figures about Pharaoh Khufu’s pyramid, commonly referred to as the Great Pyramid, are was the tallest building in the world until the 19th century, and the precision with which it was built, using simple surveying tools, is remarkable: the greatest difference in length between the four ft high sides.

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The Roaring 20s are in high gear, and so is skyscraper fever in New York City. People are fascinated by the plans to bui. The Roaring 20s are in high gear, and so is skyscraper fever in New York City. People are fascinated by the plans to build the Empire State Building―the world’s tallest building yet.3/5(1).

These crazy roads, bridges, and marvels of modern engineering have helped make some of Earth’s wildest tracts accessible by car.

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