Calyx and corolla essay

The filtrate was collected, decanted and filtered in an amber colored bottle.

Calyx and corolla essay

Daedalacanthus platiferus Gamble Syn. Eranthemum platiferum Nees ; 9. Dipterocanthus suffruticosus Voigt non Torr.

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Ecbolium viride Fork Alston. Phaylopsis parviflora Willd ; Peristrophe bicalyculata Nees; Rostellularia procumbens Nees Syn. Justicia procumbens Nees ; Stamens 2; calyx 4-sect; herbaceous bracts…………………… Nelsonia 2.

Stamens 4; calyx 5-partite … Ebermaiera. Corolla-lobes imbricate; jaculators Calyx and corolla essay anthers celled, often spurred at the base: Ovules in each cell; capsule more or less few-seeded, compressed at right angles to septum; flowers panicled……………………….

Ovules in each cell; corolla-lobes subequal; stamens 4, of which 2 are small or obsolete i. Anthers 2-celled, all equal, calyx deeply 5- or 4-lobed … Lepidagathis. Anthers 2-celled; stamens 4; corolla tube long; limb enlarged …Asystasia.


Anthers 2-celled; stamens 2; placenta originating from the base: Anthers 2-celled; one placed above the other, lower minutely spurred at the base; herbs or shrubs… Justicia. Anthers 2-celled, apiculate, scarcely spurred; corolla 2-lipped, short- tubed; bracts leafy; placentae not originating from the base of the capsule………………………………….

Ovules 2 in each cell; stamens 2 — i. Corolla cylindric, widened at the base; anther-cells parallel, equal with widened connective … Eranthemum. Corolla tube long, filiform; anther- cells parallel, subequal; large bracts imbricated ……………… Ecbolium.

Corolla-lobes twisted in bud: Stamens 4, didynamous; bracts large, foli- aceous; ovules in collateral pairs in each cell; fruit beaked capsule; jaculaor absent; plant usually a climber with yellow or blue flowers …………. Stamens 4, didynamous; seeds mounted on jaculator; style 2-fid, one lobe often suppressed i.

Calyx and corolla essay

Ovules in each cell: Ovules 2 in each cell: Corolla-lobes short, upper lip reduced, lower one 3-lobed; ovules 2 in each cell; jaculator curved and hardened; anterior filaments with process ………………. Plants of Economic Importance: The plants of this family are of limited importance from the economic point of view.

A few plants have medicinal and ornamental value. The extract of leaves is used for the remedy of asthma, cough and bronchitis. The leaves are pasted and made into small tablets that are used in the morning to control small threadworms of human intestine. Barleria prionitis Kala bansaB.

The roots are used to control jaundice. The extract of young leaves along with stem prepared after boiling with water and taken in the morning that caused increase in hemoglobin content of the blood.

Calyx and corolla essay

The fruits and leaves are used as febrifuge any medicine that cures fever. Several species are cultivated in the garden as ornamental plants. Beloperone guttata Shrimp plant. Ruellia prostata and R. The family is represented by 36 genera and 1, species grows commonly in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

About 21 genera and species are found to grow in the tropical and subtropical Himalayas and also in the Western and Southern regions of India. The type genus of the family is Verbena.Regretful Decisions Essay words - 4 pages Regretful Decisions There are many individuals in a child’s life that helps mold them into a well-rounded adult.

In most cases, this guidance comes from the child’s parents or other older, but in Sonny’s case, this guidance was expected from his older brother.

Collectively, the sepals form the calyx, and the petals form the corolla. The sepals and petal are essentially leaflike in structure.

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Commonly the sepals are green and relatively thick, and the petals are brightly colored and thinner, although in many flowers the members of both whorls (a whorl is a circle of flower parts of one kind) are. Towards A Philosophy of Education, Volume 6 of the Charlotte Mason Series.

Preface pg.I Introduction Book 1 Chapter 1 Self-Education pg. 23 Chapter 2.

Calyx & Corolla Essay. Calyx and Corolla: Case Study Write-up Prepared by: Group 3 Brendon Jordan Krystal Juren Matt Leslie Andreas Rudin University of Florida Gainesville Executive Summary Tivo’s new consumer electronics product has the potential to revolutionalize media consumption habits and the structure of the television industry - Calyx & Corolla Essay introduction.

Download file to see previous pages However, the organization of Calyx and Corolla presented catalogues of flowers of four colors, so as to make the appropriate selection by the customers.

However, by viewing the catalogues, the customers might easily order them as per their preferences and the order reaches the growers of C&C network immediately. Corolla is the second whorl of flower and made up of petals. In dicotyledons the number of petals is usually five (variation from ) and in monocotyledons three.

The petals may be polypetalous Related Articles: Here is your free essay on Flower.

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