Cj 227 unit 2

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Cj 227 unit 2

It had a spoked steering wheel and bucket seats. Some of the engine parts were chromed. This model had a few performance options, which included a handling package, a special fan, and a "power transfer" rear axle.

Cj 227 unit 2

Special features included a black-out, stand-up grille, bucket seats with sewn-through pleats, center console, chrome-plated wheel covers with lug nuts, engine "dress up kit", unique insignias, a vinyl roof in black or white and a "Power-Pac" gauge cluster for the heavily padded instrument panel.

The body received "sculpturing" that ran the length of the car, and was based on the body of the Ford Fairlane. The models introduced new engines. The GT featured car stripes, a fiberglass hood bonnet with two air scoops and several other performance options.

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Specifications of M2CJ-7001 The V6 configuration of the engine makes it very compact which is a big plus in tight Jeep engine compartments.
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Only a small, chromed badge with the designation '' located on each front fender reflected the larger displacement engine under the hood bonnet.

The Cyclones had a mid tire level body tape stripe. The Cyclone GT's had an upper level body stripe, buckets, wide whitewall tires, special wheel covers, all vinyl interior, and the special handling package.

It was named the fastest car of that year,[ how? The limited production CJ became available mid year and was rated hp Inthe Cyclones had several engine options: The model was available in two flavors. Cobra Jet[ edit ] Mercury also added a new model to the Cyclone line: The engine had a Ram Air option, a CFM Holley four-barrel carburetor [3] although the option showed no quoted difference in horsepower rating.

The CJ model was dropped from the Cyclone lineup, and applied to some of the engine names in the series. The Cyclones consisted of cid V8s and cid V8 engines. It was the standard engine in the Mercury Marauder X and was available in other full-size models.

It featured a CFM carburetor. Two optional engines were available for the Cyclone. Standard with the SCJ was the Drag Pack, this package added a front-mounted engine oil cooler and a 3. Colors for the Spoiler were limited to Competition Yellow, Competition Blue, pastel blue, Competition Gold, Competition Green and Competition Orange but for a premium Ford included the 'color of your dreams' program, and 31 buyers took advantage.

Ford had intended to continue the Spoiler II option for with an even more aggressive nose profile. However, none were actually built, and the photos that exist from Ford were of a clay model built as a styling study. The basic package offered comfort weave bucket seats, full-length console, twin racing mirrors, integrated hood scoop that could be made functional for optional ram air induction, hide-away headlights, three pod tail lights and unique lower-body line trim.

Cj 227 unit 2

The cost of all of this style was the having a Cleveland small block with 2-barrel carburetor and a three-speed manual transmission as standard fare. However, there were options, and they were good ones.

The 4-barrel version of the Cleveland small block followed by a set of cid big blocks up to the Super Cobra Jet and the Drag Pak plus a four-speed transmission and a selection of automatics.

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Although early sales literature shows the BOSS as an option, none were actually built. Most notable about the package was the loss of the comfort weave buckets in favor of a spectrum stripe bench seat.

The Spoiler received a revised stripe package, and the rear spoiler was painted flat black, and the Base Cyclone now had the integrated hood scoop like the GT and Spoiler.

Under the hood things were different as well. For the Spoiler, Ram Air also became option as opposed to part of the package for Beyond minor changes in the color pallet and available options, the Cyclone line was a carry over from Focusing on a curated group of Cj2a for sale on the internet. We offer a wide assortment of items for sale at awesome prices.

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