Common misconceptions

Ancient Greek sculptures were originally painted bright colors. Some well-preserved statues still bear traces of their original coloration. Later, the word came to mean any sort of non-expert or layman, then someone uneducated or ignorant, and much later to mean stupid or mentally deficient.

Common misconceptions

Jul 02,  · What are some common misconceptions that people have about clean energy? originally appeared on Quora: the place to gain and share knowledge, empowering people to learn from others and better. By Tiana Laurence. People are often suspicious of anything new, especially new things that aren’t easy to understand. So, it’s only natural that Bitcoin — a totally new currency unlike anything the world had ever seen before — would confound people, and a few misconceptions would result. Common misconceptions of me now seem to really paint me in a bad light, I know that certain things have been quite publicly said about me and really is badly misconstrued information. I am not sure how closely people follow me, but I use multi-channel social media platforms to share my content, this and this.

Genes are the sole determinants of traits Genes are typically not the only determinants of traits. Although a few traits, such as blood type, are determined strictly by genetics, most traits are influenced both by genes and the environment in which we live. We do not inherit a disease, instead we inherit susceptibility factors that increase risk for a disease.

For example, recent studies suggest 50 to 60 percent of alcoholism risk is genetic National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. This means the other 40 to 50 percent of the risk is environmental. A person may be genetically predisposed to alcoholism due to previous family history.

However, certain healthy lifestyle choices, like minimizing alcohol intake, will help prevent that individual from becoming dependent on alcohol. The environment can have the same effect on those predisposed to obesity.

Obesity has a genetic component caused by the action of multiple different genes. However studies report dramatically different results on the degree of genetic contribution.

If obesity runs in a family, but an individual chooses to make healthy eating choices and exercise regularly, he or she can prevent obesity. Common misconceptions do not Common misconceptions in stone what traits we will and will not possess.

Ultimately, a person making healthy lifestyle choices and educating themselves on which diseases they are genetically predisposed to can help reduce the risk of certain diseases.

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Single genes code for most traits Multiple genes, not just a single gene, determine most traits in humans such as height, eye color, and skin color. When a trait is controlled by more than one gene it is called polygenic. Traits that are coded for by multiple genes do not have distinct classes and instead exhibit a range, which is why we see a continuum of height and skin color.

Common misconceptions

Even eye color ranges in shades of brown, blue, green and hazel. Current research has shown that nearly genes could affect skin color Barsh, !

For example, we all contain genes that control the production of melanin, the pigment most commonly associated with skin color.

However, we differ in the amount of melanin produced as well as the type black, brown or reddish. Many of us learned incorrectly in high school that brown hair is dominant to blond hair.

We now understand that inheritance of pigmentation is much more complex and cannot be explained in a simple single-gene Punnett square.

Dominant traits are the most common traits in a population.

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Everything You Know... Share Shares Lists about misconceptions and common errors are always popular. This is our second list of common misconceptions covering a variety of topics.
10 Common Misconceptions About Space - Listverse Reference documents and publications Six common misconceptions about immunization "Vaccines cause many harmful side effects, illnesses, and even death - not to mention possible long-term effects we don't even know about.
List of common misconceptions - Wikipedia The Williamson Central Appraisal District has some outside information, but it is limited and received through several different sources. One source is the County Clerk for deeds and other publicly accessible resources.

Describing a trait as dominant does not mean it is the most common; it means that it is expressed over the recessive trait. For example, tongue rolling is a dominant trait, controlled by the dominant version of a particular gene R. Individuals with one or two copies of R will exhibit tongue rolling.

Only individuals that have two recessive versions of the gene r will lack the ability to tongue roll.

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But what does this tell us about the relative commonness or rareness of tongue rolling in a population? How frequently a trait is observed in a population is not related to whether or not it is dominant or recessive. Instead, it is a reflection of how frequently the gene responsible for causing a trait is found in people.

However, polydactyly only occurs in 0.

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This means it is very rare for a person to have the gene mutation that causes polydactyly, even though it is dominant. Speed and cost is no longer a limiting factor in getting genetic information.

Now that we have the information, the biggest challenge is analyzing the genome.

Common misconceptions

Scientists that specialize in analyzing this data are known as bioinformaticists.Ever wonder if many of the things you've been told and believe to be true are actually a socially propagated lump of B.S.? Often people are in a panic about rabies due to misleading media articles and folklore.

The Seasons: Misconceptions

It is vital to understand the facts about rabies, correct exaggerated fears, and know what sensible precautions you can take to prevent rabies exposure, such as vaccinating your companion animals, and getting prompt post-exposure shots if bitten by a possibly rabid animal.

22 Common Misconceptions You've Always Believed (Until Now) Not everything your parents told you is true. I know that all of you who haven't studied science have picked up a ton of misconceptions about space travel from the many stupidly scientifically inaccurate movies and TV shows out there.

Feb 23,  · Lists about misconceptions and common errors are always popular. This is our second list of common misconceptions covering a variety of topics. Some misconceptions have come about through mistranslations, and others through Chinese-whispers like scenarios.

This is another list of 10 common. Watch video · 'The misconceptions in this list are all pretty plausible, so it's understandable that many Brits will have read it and been certain it's true, with many of us being told these from an early age.

'Unbelievably, all of these commonly believed facts are in fact common misconceptions that we have myths and misconceptions.

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