Effects of charter schools on the

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Effects of charter schools on the

Print NO PDF Share Compared to most education interventions, charter schools have unusually good research evidence on impacts on participating students.

Researchers have been able to take advantage of natural experiments that are created by the admissions lotteries of oversubscribed charter schools. The lottery losers represent an ideal comparison group, because they are similar to the winners in all respects except the luck of the admissions draw.

Studies relying on charter-school lotteries have not found uniformly positive effects, but they have identified particular charter-school operators such as KIPP and particular cities such as Boston where effects on charter students are unambiguously favorable.

One of the central arguments about charter schools and other forms of school choice is about indirect effects on students who remain in district-operated public schools. In contrast, proponents of charter schools have hoped that they will positively affect students in district-operated schools, by creating innovative approaches that district schools can borrow, and by producing healthy competitive pressure on district schools that would otherwise hold a local monopoly.

Short of randomizing charter schools to different communities, no study of indirect effects will ever have the level of internal validity that is possible in a lottery-based study of direct effects.

Effects of charter schools on the

Even so, it is possible to conduct a careful non-experimental study of indirect effects, relying on longitudinal data on individual students and observing changes in student outcomes in district schools following the establishment or growth of charter schools nearby.

As charter schools have grown in communities across the country over the last two decades, 11 different studies have done exactly that. My colleague Kevin Booker and I reviewed these studies in writing the entry on the competitive effects of school choice for the latest edition of the Handbook of Research in Education Finance and Policy.

Collectively, the 11 studies examined effects in 11 different cities and states plus one nationwide sample.

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One study included separate assessments in several different communities, and a few communities were studied more than once. Six studies found some evidence of positive effects, four found no effects, and one found negative effects.

Breaking the results out by locations, in six cases that encompass five cities and states, there is evidence that charter schools produce small positive effects on the achievement of students in nearby public schools.

In nine other cases, encompassing eight cities and states and one nationwide sample, charter schools have been found to have no effect on students in nearby district schools, positive or negative.

The literature has only a single case—involving a single school district—in which charter schools have been found to have negative effects on the achievement of students in nearby district schools.The paper also exploits exogenous variation created by Michigan's charter law to identify the effects of charter schools on public schools.

The results suggest that charter schools have had no significant effect on test scores in neighboring public schools. I present estimates of the effect of charter schools on math scores of “stayers. The Positive Economic Effects of Charter Schools September 12, , Jordan Cash, 1 Comment Education is a core component to any society, and in the same way educational choice is central to a free society.

School choice options — open enrollment and charter schools — have proved especially popular with nonwhite or minority students, according to the Star Tribune’s analysis of the racial. State charter school laws differ with respect to which organizations can charter schools, or apply for a charter.

The most common are nonprofit boards, although some . What are the effects of charter schools on student achievement? Assessing literature that uses either experimental (lottery) or student-level growth- based methods, this analysis infers the causal impact of attending a charter school on student performance.

Champion Schools is a tuition free charter schools district in Arizona that has campuses in south Phoenix at South-Mountain and Chandler.

Congratulations to our incredible team of staff and students - we are rated Tier 1! Check out our results here - we are proud to be one of the highest performing high schools in Washington, D.C.!. Washington Leadership Academy is an open-enrollment public charter high school in the heart of Washington, D.C. Charter schools have positive effects on traditional public schools located near them, at least in New York City. National Conference of State Legislatures 1 C harter schools are growing rapidly nationwide. Since the first charter school law passed in Minnesota in , forty states and the District.

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