Frustrated contract act 1978 nsw

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Frustrated contract act 1978 nsw

What is a frustrated contract? Share and print this article Share Print A frustrated contract is a contract that, subsequent to its formation, and without fault of either party, is incapable of being performed due to an unforeseen event or eventsresulting in the obligations under the contract being radically different from those contemplated by the parties to the contract.

The legal consequence of a contract which is found to have been frustrated is that the contract is automatically terminated at the point of frustration. The contract is not void ab initio "from the beginning" ; only future obligations are discharged.

Frustrated contract act 1978 nsw

At common law, obligations which fell due for performance before the frustrating event are still in operation. When will a contract be frustrated?

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Delay can lead to the discharge of a contract where the commercial purpose of the contract has been frustrated. Further, commercial parties will not be expected to wait until the end of a long delay to find out whether in fact they are bound by a contract or not.

A party to a commercial contract is entitled to act on reasonable commercial probabilities and may treat a contract as discharged where an event has caused a delay, even before the delay actually frustrates the contract. Difficulty establishing a frustrated contract Frustrated contract act 1978 nsw frustration, however, can be difficult as it does not apply to hardship.

Hardship, even if severe, does not constitute frustration. The fact that the method for performance contemplated by a contract has been affected, or the burden of performance has been increased, by an event or events occurring without fault, does not amount to frustration unless performance in accordance with the contract has become commercially impossible, that is, impracticable in a legal sense.

This comes back to the issue of the contract becoming radically different from anything contemplated by the parties. The doctrine of frustration is applied within very narrow limits. For a party to succeed in claiming frustration, they must show that, in the relevant contract, the parties never agreed to be bound in the fundamentally different situation that had unexpectedly emerged.

It is not because the court thinks in its discretion that it is just and reasonable to qualify the terms of the contract. Rather, it is because on its true construction it does not apply in that situation. A bad bargain A contract will not be found to be frustrated where one party strikes a bad bargain or faces hardship, inconvenience or material loss.

Certain risks are deemed inherent to contracting.

Frustrated contract act 1978 nsw

For example, delay in a construction contract due to a shortage of skilled labour was found not to have frustrated the contract because the delay did not result in a new state of affairs that the parties could not have reasonably foreseen see Davis Contractors Limited v Fareham Urban District Council [] AC Event foreseen Frustration will also not be found where the event in question has been foreseen by the parties or could reasonably have thought to have been foreseen.

Where there is an express provision in the contract that deals with the consequences of a particular event, the parties cannot then claim that that same event has frustrated their venture.


If parties to a contract can seriously foresee the occurrence of an event or events but make no provision for it in the contract, and then seek to rely upon the event as frustrating the contract, it may be inferred that the parties accepted the risk of the occurrence of the event and the contract not being found to have been frustrated.

Fault Frustration will also not be found where one of the parties is at fault. For example, charterers who had failed to obtain a licence for a fishing trawler were not entitled to avoid their contract because the frustration was self-induced. Often the conclusion that a particular contract has or has not been frustrated may be almost completely determined by what a judge or arbitrator sees as the commercial significance of the event relied upon as frustrating the contract.

Avoiding frustration Notwithstanding that frustration of contract is difficult to establish, drafting contracts broadly enough to apply to new situations or circumstances can assist parties seeking to avoid a contract being found to be frustrated.

For example, force majeure clauses are used in contracts to avoid frustration. These are clauses that suspend performance in the occurrence of supervening events not the fault of either party but maintain the existence of the contract.

To avoid a contract being found to have been frustrated, parties should apportion risks, as far as possible. Time was of the essence as construction had to be completed by a particular date. To do so, work was conducted around the clock for each day of the week.

The Authority and various legal advisers had represented to Codelfa, the construction company, that it was immune from any grant of injunctions that would limit its ability to do such work.

Injunctions, however, were granted to the local council and residents when the work caused noise and vibration, showing the advice to be erroneous. As a result, Codelfa could no longer work between 10pm and 6am during weekdays or Saturday, or on Sundays at all.$ , was released by the government to the public due to UN collaboration and end-of-year donation the sum of $ 50, was sent to each card It is advisable that you contact us now to receive.

Case Law Brookers Commercial Cases c – E-Commerce Law Cases – New Zealand Business Law Cases c – New Zealand Commerce Commission Decisions – Trade and Competition Law Reports – Secondary. Frustrated Contracts Act No [NSW] Part 1 Preliminary Historical version valid from to (generated on at ) Part 1 Preliminary 1 Name of Act This Act may be cited as the Frustrated Contracts Act 2 Commencement (1) This section and section 1 shall commence on the date of assent to this Act.

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Frustrated Contracts Act The common law will find a frustrated contract to be discharged. However, the Frustrated Contracts Act (NSW) alters this position slightly. lost value, in relation to performance received under a frustrated contract, is a reference to the amount (if any) by which the value of that performance was reduced by reason of the frustration of the contract, that value being assessed as at the time immediately before the frustration of the contract and on the basis that the contract would not be frustrated.

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