Global warming in antartica

UN Calendar Portfolio Climate Photo of the Week As Australia suffers under some of the most devastating effects of rapid climate change, scientists find their predictions of threats to World Heritage forests and coral reefs are coming true, inspiring new experiments and programs to help them survive. World View of Global Warming returns to Australia after 10 years — special reports coming up this month.

Global warming in antartica

The real danger for our entire civilization comes not from slow climate changes, but from overheating the planetary interior. Galileo discovered that Earth moves.

Copernicus discovered that Earth moves around the Global warming in antartica. In Tom Chalko, inspired by Desmarquet's reportdiscovered that the solid nucleus of our planet is in principle a nuclear reactor, it is eccentricand that our collective ignorance may cause it to overheat and explode.

The discovery has been published in June by the new scientific journal NUJournal. Polar ice caps melt not because the air there is warmer than 0 deg Celsius, but because they are overheated from underneath. Volcanoes become active and erupt violently not because the Earth's interior "crystallizes", but because the planetary nucleus is a nuclear fission reactor that needs COOLING.

Global warming in antartica

It seems that the currently adopted doctrine of a "crystalline inner core of Earth" is more dangerous for humanity than all weapons of mass destruction taken together, because it prevents us from imagining, predicting and preventing truly global disasters.

In any nuclear reactor, the danger of overheating has to be recognized early. When external symptoms intensify it is usually too late to prevent disaster. Do we have enough imagination, intelligence and integrity to comprehend the danger before the situation becomes irreversible? It seems that if we do not do anything today about Greenhouse Emissions that cause the entire atmosphere to trap more Solar Heat, we may not survive the next decade.

In a systematically under-cooled spherical core reactor the cumulative cause-effect relationship is hyperbolic and leads to explosion. It seems that there will be no second chance If you doubt whether a planet can explode - you need to see a witness report of a planetary explosion in our Solar system.

Plato BC reported that the explosion of the planet Phaeton had been perceived by our ancestors on Earth to be as bright as lightning Huge parts of Antarctic and Arctic ice have already melted. Key Antarctic glaciers Hektoria, Green and Evans for example increased their melting rate 8 times in 3 years between andGeophys.

When glaciers begin to slide to the ocean, the sea level rise will cause not only tsunamis but a global planetary flood. Please have a look at Arctic ice in It is unlikely to grow back to its previous size.

Volcanoes become active under Arctic Ocean and in Antarctica In the past, volcanic activity was followed by decades of dormancy.

Today, when volcanoes erupt they remain active and the neighboring volcanoes erupt The Largest Volcanoes on Earth have lost their snow-caps Oceans are warmer than ever. Their increased evaporation produces large amount of clouds, rain and widespread flooding Oceans around Antarctica at depths of 5 km are less salty and less dense confirming that Antarctica is melting from underneath.

The fresh water is lighter than salt water, so it should be on top In heated oceans all currents are severely disrupted Mountain glaciers melt around the globe The weather around the globe becomes more violent every month Trees begun to BLOOM in winter.

Plants detect "season" by monitoring the soil temperature. Energy of earthquakes systematically increases.

Global warming in antartica

The graph on the left depicts the annual quake energy since record begun incomputed on the basis of USGS scientific data from all quakes above 4.

The data is compared scaled to quake energy. The energy of earthquakes 7.THE GLOBAL WARMING HOAX. The official position of the World Natural Health Organization in regards to global warming is that there is NO GLOBAL WARMING!

Global warming is nothing more than just another hoax, just like Y2K and the global freezing claims in the 's and 70's were. Nov 16,  · Researchers in Antarctica have discovered rapidly growing banks of mosses on the ice continent’s northern peninsula, providing striking evidence .

By: Marc Morano - Climate Depot November 4, PM with comments Special To Climate Depot. The Pause lengthens again – just in time for Paris. No global warming at all for 18 years 9 months – a new record. Our climate is absorbing a lot of heat. When scientists add up all of the heat warming the oceans, land, and atmosphere and melting the ice, they find our climate is accumulating 4 Hiroshima atomic bombs worth of heat every second.

Explore the Climate Hot Map to see evidence of climate change including heat waves, sea-level rise, flooding, melting glaciers, earlier spring arrival, coral reef bleaching, and the spread of disease.

Learn about practical solutions to curb global warming. Yes, global warming is real and most of the recent increases in temperature are directly the result of human actions. However, a number of predictions publicized in the media present unrealistic scenarios of doom and gloom.

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