James hetfield the composer

Morricone, who had four siblings, Adriana, Aldo, Maria and Franca, lived in Trasteverein the centre of Rome, with his parents. Mario was a trumpet player who worked professionally in different light-music orchestras, while Libera set up a small textile business.

James hetfield the composer

That said, the proponents of torture by music doubtless think they have come a long way since the early s, when the FBI blasted loud music at the Branch Davidians during the Waco siege in Texas. However unpleasant it may be to have such tunes blasted at your compound, bringing the music into an enclosed interrogation cell was a quantum leap in psyops.

Nonetheless, in the strange lexicon of 21st-century America, the US military calls this "torture lite". Torture is apparently OK if it is not too "heavy".

One Iraqi prisoner said it was done at "an unidentified location called 'the disco'". Unfortunately, some artists are not offended by their work being used to torture. As for his music being torture, he laughed: Why should the Iraqis be any different?

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But no sane person voluntarily plays a single tune at earsplitting volume, over and over, 24 hours a day, and expects to stay sane. Despite this, to date, the Pentagon's semanticists have achieved their purpose, and many people think that torture by music is little more than a rather irritating enforced encounter with someone else's iPod.

The CIA rendered him to Morocco, where his torturers repeatedly took a razor blade to his penis throughout an month ordeal. When I later sat across from him in the cell, he described how psyops methods were worse than this.

He could anticipate physical pain, he said, and know that it would eventually end. But the experience of slipping into madness as a result of torture by music was something quite different. The US military will decide, probably within two weeks, whether to go forward with a military commission, based on "evidence" that was tortured out of him.

To those who have the misfortune to study torture, all this is old hat. Members of the IRA interned in Northern Ireland in the s recall the use of loud noise, piped into their cells, as the worst aspect of their ordeal. Of course, the "results" you get from a "broken" prisoner have little to do with truth.

Beyond pure barbarism, there are various reasons why music torture fails in its ambition.

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As ever in this "war on terror", there is a disconnect between the purported goal of the US forces "actionable intelligence" and the methods used to achieve it. An order comes down from on high, from a Bush bureaucrat who has a bright idea, and it is left to soldiers in the field to use their imagination.

Sometimes, people simply misunderstand lyrics: Sometimes the selections used are wryly appropriate for prisoners being held without trial for years on end: Other songs unwittingly give voice to what could well be the prisoners' inner thoughts: Inevitably, when poorly trained interrogators are encouraged to let their imaginations soar, they veer towards their own idiosyncratic perversions.

One budding Emcee artfully mixed the sound of crying babies which humans seem hardwired to abhor with a television commercial for Meow Mix cat food. On the face of it, the lyrics may seem deeply inappropriate: In the torture trade, this is called "futility music", designed to convince the prisoner of the futility of maintaining his position.

It is time that those musicians who oppose the use of music to torture fellow human beings made some noise - and they are beginning to. This year's Meltdown festival at London's South Bank, which Massive Attack are curating, has highlighted the issue of torture by music.

Projections showing the horror of renditions and secret prisons will be used on their world tour. Perhaps the release of a special compilation: In most cases, inquiries were met with a polite but firm "no comment" from management and PR representatives, or calls were simply not returned.

James hetfield the composer

I'd gladly sign up to a petition that says don't use my music, but it seems to be missing the point a bit. Anything that draws attention to the scale of the horror and how low we've sunk is a good thing. I wonder if the US government bothered, but I very much doubt it. Perhaps you could sue, but let's face it, they're outside the law on the whole thing anyway.

Steve Asheim, drummer for the death-metal band Deicide, questions whether music really counts as torture. They are warriors, and they're trained to resist torture. They're expecting to be burned with torches and beaten and have their bones broken. It is worth noting that the lyrics are in fact anti-Christian, just as Bruce Springsteen's Born in the USA and Eminem's White America, also claimed as torture tracks, contain anti-establishment messages.

But, as Asheim points out, "Most people who listen to this kind of music don't give a shit about a political message. They just wanna rock. Asheim doesn't think so.Search Tracks # Title Composer Time ; 1: Enter Sandman: Kirk Hammett. attheheels.com There's little doubt that this two-volume concert and documentary package will appeal to die-hard Metallica lovers--given its more than three-hour length (two and a half for the concert segment alone), the band's predominantly white male fan base (repeatedly addressed as "man" by singer-guitarist James Hetfield) will be--in fact already are--ecstatic.

Ennio Morricone, Knight Grand Cross (Italian: [ˈɛnnjo morriˈkoːne]; was born 10 November ) is an Italian composer, orchestrator, conductor, and former trumpet player, writing in a wide range of musical attheheels.com Morricone has composed over scores for cinema and television, as well as over classical works.

His filmography includes over 70 award-winning films, including. Jan 28,  · Tina Turner, Neil Diamond, and Queen were among the artists who received Lifetime Achievement Awards during the ceremony.

Below is the full list of winners from the Grammys.

James hetfield the composer

Written by James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich, Cliff Burton and original Metallica guitarist Dave Mustaine The amount of thought and emotion he puts into his solos he's a composer just like James Lars and Cliff.

I wish he would get more credit than he does. Yes, Dave Mustaine is better technically but I think Kirk is more unique and his solos are. Sep 28,  · Metallica's James Hetfield At Guitar Center - Duration: Guitar Center 10,, views. a musical appreciation and analysis, by composer, Howard Goodall CBE - Duration:

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