Kellogg s market structure

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Kellogg s market structure

Kellogg is a global company committed to building long-term growth in volume and profit and to enhancing its worldwide leadership position by providing nutritious food products of superior value.

History of Kellogg Company Will Keith Kellogg once estimated that 42 cereal companies were launched in the breakfast-food boom during the early years of the 20th century. His own venture, founded as the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company, was among the last, but it outlasted most of its early competitors and has dominated the ready-to-eat cereal industry.

The Kellogg Company, as it was ultimately named, followed a straight and profitable path, avoiding takeovers and diversification, relying heavily on advertising and promotion, and posting profits nearly every year of its existence.

One of the foods sold by Dr. The wheat flake was produced one night in following a long series of unsuccessful experiments. The men were running boiled wheat dough through a pair of rollers in the sanitarium basement.

Kellogg s market structure

The dough had always come out sticky and gummy, until by accident the experiments were interrupted long enough for the boiled dough to dry out. When the dry dough was run through the rollers, it broke into thin flakes, one for each wheat berry, and flaked cereals were born.

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Commercial production of the Granose flakes began in with improvised machinery in a barn on the sanitarium grounds. The factory was soon in continuous production, turning out more thanpounds of flakes in its first year.

When the new factory building was completed, Dr. Kellogg insisted that he had not authorized it, forcing W. Meanwhile, other companies were growing quickly, but Dr.

Its most notable competitor was the Postum Cereal Company, launched by a former sanitarium patient, C. In Sanitas improved the corn flake it had first introduced in The new product had better flavor and a longer shelf life than the version.

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By the following year the company was advertising in newspapers and on billboards, sending salesmen into the wholesale market, and introducing an ambitious door-to-door sampling program. Kellogg launched the Battle Creek Toasted Corn Flake Company with the help of another enthusiastic former sanitarium patient.

Kellogg recognized that advertising and promotion were the keys to success in a market flooded with look-alike products--the company spent a third of its initial working capital on an ad in Ladies Home Journal.

Orders, fueled by early advertising efforts, continually outstripped production, even after the company leased factory space at two additional locations. In output had reached 2, cases a day, with a net profit of about a dollar per case.

That July a fire destroyed the main factory building. On the spot, W. Kellogg began making plans for a new fireproof factory, and within a week he had purchased land at a site strategically located between two competing railroad lines.Kelloggs Ppt.

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brand-differentiated pricing brand Invests in new product research Brand-building marketing activities Brand Cost structure reduction Product Market Strategies General Mills, Post, and Quaker Oats are using price competition and product proliferation to erode Kellogg s share of the market.

the short attheheels.comoly is a market structure in which a small number of firms account for the whole industry’s output. The product may or may not be differentiated. For example, only 5 or 6 firms in India constitute % of the integrated steel industry’s output.

market structure, the same product-type choice yields the same profits for every firm. However, profits may differ for the different product types within the market. Thus Kellogg's operates in the Oligopoly market with companies sharing substantial market share.

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