Making it big in the world

Women are reclaiming their traditional role of making beer. Over time it became industrialized and became a male thing. But, in the African culture, beers are still made by women only. In South Africa, more and more females are becoming part of beer brewing.

Making it big in the world

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Characters[ edit ] The characters in the show are: He also enjoys singing and dancing with all of his friends in the World Tree. In addition to interacting with the other characters, Snook regularly takes the time to break the fourth walloften to explain a fact or ask a question.


Burdette — Burdette the resplendent quetzal bird sometimes seems like a controlling older sister, who always thinks she knows more than everyone around her. Smooch, the girl monkey, is always trying to figure out the mysteries of the world around her, and Winslow is the goofy creative thinker.

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Madge has a map of the world on her shell. She traveled all over the world and shares her experiences with everyone. Her library is the place to visit for answers to scientific questions. Bob also worries a lot about things that he thinks might happen. Oko — An old brown howlerOko is a trickster who always shows up when least expected.

Oko can be grouchy and mischievous, but he also shares mysterious stories and little bits of wisdom with the others. A tai chi master, he carries an old walking stick that he can twirl from his feet to his hands and back again in the blink of an eye.

Oko is the only character along with Greenie who appears less often than the others. He has a friend named Tsetsewho sometimes gives good advice. Wartz — Wartz is a red-eyed tree frog.

Wartz has gone through his metamorphosisgrowing from a tadpole into a frog. Although he is seen in the intro on all episodes in both seasons, he is not in Season 2.

Making it big in the world

Ick — Ick is a redtail catfish who lives in the pond under the world tree. But when Stripey the bee stops by the pond at the end, Ick freaks out and Stripey giggles. Ick has misanthropic tendencies.Canadian tech companies look to make it big in New York. He has reported internationally from the papal conclave in Rome and the World Cup in Brazil, and he spent eight years in Toronto.

Designer Aviva Falk shares how she went from being a Midwestern girl to selling her clothing alongside some of the world's biggest names in fashion.

Mar 25,  · There is a ton of great music and lots of talented artists out there, but there seems to be very few talented marketers in the music industry.

Making it big in the world

Oct 29,  · Subscribe to the channel for much more on the Big Big World! Starring Snook the Sloth and a cast of lovable rainforest creatures, "It's a Big Big World" teaches lessons about taking care of the. When the FIFA U Women’s World Cup kicks off in France on 5 August, the world will be waiting to see what football gems this tournament will unearth. looks back at the heroines of U Women’s World Cups in years past. “It was actually started by a woman in America and spread around the world.

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I thought it would be nice and fun for us in South Africa. We had two groups, one up here in Johannesburg and then the Cape Town event. [In Johannesburg] there were probably 15 girls.” She invited the men from the big commercial breweries to join, but they didn’t.

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