Movie analysis the notebook

The movie opens with about 15 minutes of a scenic sunset lake with birds flying all over the place as old-ass Allie Hamilton stares out the window not knowing what the fuck is going on. Cut to the narration by old Noah who mumbles a bunch of nonsensical inspirational mumbo jumbo that could only be thought out by the likes of literary pussy Nicholas Sparks. How about paying your goddamn bills, you freeloader.

Movie analysis the notebook

Several years pass and, when they meet again, their passion is rekindled, forcing Allie to choose between her soulmate and class order. This beautiful tale has a particularly special meaning to an older gentleman James Garner who regularly reads the timeless love story to his aging companion Gena Rowlands.

Book FAQs What is the inspiration for this book? Is it based to any extent on your own experiences or the experiences of those you know? They had a rare and beautiful relationship, one that withstood the test of time and circumstance.

When I first met them, they had been married over sixty years, and I remember marveling at how much they still seemed to care for each other. The Notebook attempts to portray such a love. That said, The Notebook is a novel, not a memoir.

Many changes were made regarding their story, in order to make the novel more universal, while staying committed to my original intent. How do you account for the success of the novel? What do you think its overriding appeal is?

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In the case of The Notebook, I think the most obvious reason is that the story touched people in a deeply personal way. As people made this connection, the book became a so-called word-of-mouth success, with those who enjoyed it recommending it to others.

In the end, any book that sells well needs to have this sort of support from readers. Nowadays, we all seem to have less time to read and The Notebook probably owes much of its success to the fact that people could finish it in one or two sittings.

These factors made people feel comfortable about recommending it to others. It was well promoted, it had a beautiful cover, and it was enthusiastically supported by the sales representatives. The book details the lives of very old, as well as very young, people.

How did someone as young as you when you wrote the book acquire the insight to write about the experience of being old in such a moving way? First, I tend to assume that most people—male or female, young or old—have largely the same types of thoughts.

However, the difference lies in their perspectives. So I try to put myself in their shoes and see the world the way they do. Then, I read constantly and see how other authors have written from varying perspectives and I try to figure out whether they accomplished what they set out to do or if they failed.

Only then am I satisfied. Letter writing plays such a big part in The Notebook. Is there something about letter writing that intrigues you? The epistolary form has been around for centuries, of course. But letters are a wonderful vehicle for emotions, if used effectively and sparingly.

We lived a thousand miles apart in the early stages of our relationship, and I used to write her every day. It seems that most people feel that the school their child goes to is wonderful, but elsewhere, schools are terrible.

But if most people feel that way, then it becomes a logical impossibility.

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Same thing with romantic love. Many people perceive it in their own lives, but doubt if other people do. I think The Notebook tapped into that feeling. The Notebook takes place in a small southern town.The movie focuses on an old man reading a story to an old woman in a nursing home.

The story he reads follows two young lovers named Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun, who meet one evening at a carnival.

Movie analysis the notebook

Throwback Thursday: An In-Depth Analysis Of ‘The Notebook’ By: The Betches / February 9, For the past 10 years there has been one movie synonymous with cheesy love stories and crying while eating Ben & Jerry’s: The Notebook. Noah is the main character (protagonist) of The is the hero.

Noah represents true love, true faith, and true artistry. In one sense, The Notebook is similar to a medieval morality play, and Noah is a contemporary "Everyman." The characters in a morality play were symbolic representations used to illustrate an idea; Noah represents true, faithful, committed love.

For the past 10 years there has been one movie synonymous with cheesy love stories and crying while eating Ben & Jerry’s: The I appreciate this movie for its beautiful actors and calming lake visuals, it’s time to explain what’s really going on in the sappiest nice girl film of all time.

Readers loved the love story. Sparks would go on to write a dozen more novels. Seven, including The Notebook, have been adapted to film. I mean, the Transformers film series may be some of the worst movies ever filmed, but they have collectively grossed Billion dollars, so I think they merit some analysis.

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