Outsourcing software development

A few thoughts on how to organize the offshore development process to make it work well for the client How should we start co-operation with an outsourcing software developer? Typically, the client approaches the outsourcing company with a problem that needs to be addressed. So, it is essential to have a clear idea on what you want to achieve as the result of the project. At the beginning of the relationship with a new client, we usually offer a pilot project — it could be a small fixed-price project.

Outsourcing software development

Outsourcing software development

Home Services Software Development Outsourcing Software Development Outsourcing Our approach is a unique mix of highly experienced development team, client-oriented service and passion for IT.

Whether you are non-tech or well-established software company we can help you create software product tailored to your needs within budget and time. Nearshore Outsourcing software development offshore outsourcing Owing to our extensive experience in cooperation with multinational corporations in the IT industry, we are able to support our partners at any phase of IT projects by delegating our team or a single specialist for a set time period.

It reduces the risk, time and capital invested in the recruitment and employment processes, allowing thus to start the work right away, without any time gap.

Dedicated team Depending on project specification, we can match the profile of the IT specialist or team.

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We ensure that our employees possess the highest professional skills and provide the best services in any environment.

All our developers speak English and use the best tech tools i. Skype, Hangouts and Slack in order to stay in touch with our clients every day.

We organize whole-team meetings where we can see each other in the camera and where everyone can say 'Hello! Transparency of the process Transparency is one of the Agile pillars and we are aware that it is essential for our clients.

We make sure that all teams in our company work transparently. The clients can always track project progress on Jira, Assembla or any other issue and project tracking tool. Cooperation We propose two outsourcing cooperation schemes:Why IT Outsourcing – Choose the Best Cooperation Model for You.

There are several different ways to tackle software development outsourcing. When you hire APRO’s outsourcing services you can choose how you want to use it. Every business - big or small - has software development needs nowadays and IT is the most frequently outsourced sphere of business.

Let's examine pros and cons of offshore software development. Innovecs is a technology software development company that lives in the cloud.

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A global company with offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Tel-Aviv and R&D facilities in Ukraine, the company specializes in serving Adtech, Gaming, Fintech, E-commerce, Transportation, Telecom and .

We provide software development outsourcing in the UK. We create dedicated teams to develop better systems. It is important to bring together excellent software professionals and empower them to work together effectively and efficiently as a team.

We are experts in delivering IT software projects in the UK and abroad.

Outsourcing software development – a guide Privacy Policy Software Development Outsourcing - dedicated teams for your projects XSolve has been established to help your company solve business problems through software development. However, we believe that there is no quality software without an exceptional team behind it.

Software development outsourcing has been around for many years. Still, it is worth starting with the basics—service models. There are different models you can use to outsource the development, testing, or maintenance of a software product, but they are all based on the three primary approaches: staff augmentation, dedicated teams, and project-based outsourcing.

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