Staffing and scheduling

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Staffing and scheduling

Specifications of the Commercial Version Unlocked - so that you can customize it just a little more.

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The timecard follows the same principal, which makes easier for employee to clock-in and clock-out when going for break. In addition, this modification introduces slightly different approach, where you can setup different employment contracts with predefined contracted hours base hours and then simply select contract from the drop down list on the Employee Register tab.

Another change is in days of week that do change their position in accordance with Week Commencing date entered. View Screenshot Description Before I dive into explaining of what's what, I need to mention that the trial version of the work shift schedule, which you can download free of charge is limited for use with only Staffing and scheduling number of employees, ten to be exact, but this is not going to restrict your abilities from fully testing this Staffing and scheduling.

When you open the work shift schedule for the first time, you will notice that spreadsheet consists from several tabs that are all connected together using formulas and functions. The template is simple plug and play, which means you do not even need to make any changes, unless you prefer to customize it to your specific requirements.

You can begin by exploring the settings tab, where you can make most of the general settings, such as enter the departments relevant to your organization, select hourly format or select relevant payment settings for overtime and public holidays. I will briefly go through all of the tabs, so that you can have a general idea of what you need to do and how to do it, you can also find more detailed information on the "Help" tab of the work shift schedule spreadsheet.

Employee List The name of the tab already suggests exactly what we are going to have to enter here.

Staffing and scheduling

As you might have guessed, this is the simple database that contains all basic information about employees, their contracted work hours, departments in which they are employed and their hourly rates.

Work Shift Schedule The work shift schedule is basically the main worksheet where you'll be spending the most of your time than anywhere else on this template.

Staffing and Scheduling

All of the settings, as well as all other entries you are going to make will reflect here. The names of the employees are transferred automatically from the employee list including departments in which they work the last is done purely for statistics, but we will cover this little later.

The process of assigning shift times consists in making simple selections of the shift start and end times from the drop-down, in which you also have option to select other pre-set days, such as days off work OFFpublic holidays PHholidays H and more, all depending on your requirements.

The total time that you assign to each employee is displayed in the column ladled "Total Time" giving you a pretty clear indication of how many hours you have already assigned to the employee, the column next to the total time on the other hand, uses conditional formatting to highlight cell in blue or red to help you when you have missed out on something and also when you assign some extra time by accident.

Time Card The time card tab is a simple addition, which can help you to print individual time cards for all the employees, contains two time cards for two employees on the single page to save ink and paper, with separation line in the middle. Time card contains information copied from the work shift schedule tab, which is specific to the selected employee and also empty cells for recording clock in and clock out time.

Staffing and scheduling

Salary Budget Any organization, especially those with many different departments, have to set and maintain salary budget, which helps them to maintain productivity without compromising on profitability and helps them to control occupancy within the departments and overall occupancy and attendance. I won't be talking in details about how or why salary budget is important for organization, it is a subject for another discussion.

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The budget part is fairly simple and automated in many ways, which means that you will have to do as little as possible, but at the same time getting most results in for further decisions.

Attendance and Occupancy Both, attendance tab and occupancy tab are very much alike, except that all information on the attendance tab is displayed in numbers, when occupancy displays all the same information in percentages and shares, giving you the statistical information about occupancy, absence, vacations, sicknesses and more.

This information is necessary when making decisions when replacing employee, who is on vocational leave or absent because of illness, training or etc.A First Choice Staffing Service & The Medical Registry provides career opportunities for job seekers in the Rogue Valley – at all levels of expertise (from entry level to professionals) – while providing employers in Southern Oregon with the highest quality personnel to meet their growing needs.

Scheduling is essential for temporary staffing firms. But assigning placements and communicating shift changes can be time-consuming and difficult. When there’s a problem with scheduling, it’s hard to meet and exceed client expectations. NurseGrid Manager is the premier cloud-based schedule management platform for nursing departments.

Reinvest the time and money you save into delivering excellent care to patients and improving nurse satisfaction.

Our company offers two divisions that provide specialized recruiting in the following areas:

Lawson provides enterprise workforce scheduling systems to healthcare facilities worldwide. Lawson's solutions help organizations improve efficiency and decrease labor costs. from staffing and scheduling technologies the answer is sim-ple, it is the nurse executive.

This may not be the expected answer and it may not be good news to the already busy life of a nurse leader. It is, however, a message that, if embraced, can chart the path for achieving optimal performance in workforce. Momentum is a scheduling system designed to properly schedule staff, doctors, other team members and deliver actionable staffing reports in real time.

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