Struggle is the key of success

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Struggle is the key of success

Written by Mike EdgerPosted in Articles for AthletesArticles for CoachesArticles for ParentsSports PsychologyYouth Sports Articles 5 Comments Three must have keys to success in sports are good instruction, practice and repetition, and most importantly — trust in your skills.

Many people have a false assumption about learning a new technique such as throwing over the top, or staying on-top of the ball. Some coaches think that once they teach athletes a new technique the athlete should be able to apply it right away. Likewise, some athletes believe that they should be able to make adjustments in their game, and have it pay off right away.

Struggle is the key of success

When you expect change to happen overnight such as learning a how to pitch from the stretch, you are setting yourself up for failure. Athletes must practice what they learn in order to put it into action.

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Old habits are hard to change. So anytime you learn something new or teach something newit takes a lot of repetition to change. But even then, athletes struggle with applying what they learned and practiced to competition.

This is when the third key to success comes into play… Learning, practice, and repetition alone sometimes fall short. The third and most important key to success which is more about the mental game is when athletes trust in their skills and what they learned.

You or your players might have outstanding form or technique, but you must have trust in what you have learned in practice in order to apply it in competition.

Several mental game barriers can get in the way:Engage with the community.

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I find sharing my work — especially at the beginning of my career — very difficult. It’s so vulnerable to expose your work, and yourself, to comment and constructive criticism.

Good communication skills are key to success in life, work and relationships. Without effective communication, a message can turn into error, misunderstanding, frustration, or even disaster by being misinterpreted or poorly delivered.

Career Pathways. View resources to help you to design contextualized instruction, to help students to learn more about careers, and to teach your students the academic and workplace skills they need for success.

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