Trinity cert tesol english as a

Jan 10, Why did you take the course? Much of my "lesson planning" was centered around scouring the Internet and Facebook forums to find games and activities for a full 45 minute lesson. I was also trained to use a lot of classroom Japanese during my lessons. After doing my research about the Trinity CertTESOL and the strong foundation and prestigious qualification it gives ESL teachers, I decided to take the course because I wanted to become a better teacher for my students.

Trinity cert tesol english as a

It provides the basic skills and knowledge needed to take up a first post as an ESOL teacher.

Trinity cert tesol english as a

The program also gives an introduction to theory and an insight into the challenges facing the learner and the role of the teacher. It is also suitable for those with classroom experience, but without any formal training or qualifications.

The qualification is awarded upon passing a course which includes supervised teaching practice and written assignments, and is accredited in the United Kingdom by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority at Level 5 on the UK National Qualifications Framework.

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It is not recommended for those teaching in Asia due to its Euro culture specific centred approach. Availability[ edit ] The Trinity CertTESOL is available in many different countries throughout the world, and some institutions offer a portion of the course in the form of distance learning.

The course can be taken part-time over several months to a year, or full-time in a four- or five-week period. Your own use of spoken and written English will need to be of an appropriate standard for you to be a role model of English for your learners and help them understand the nature of the language.

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The validation guidelines set out the requirements - these include a minimum age of 18 and evidence of qualifications achieved for entry to higher education in the UK A levels or equivalent.

Both have at least one hundred hours of instruction and six hours of supervised teaching practice.For more information please email [email protected] Limited availability!!!

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The Trinity College Cert TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Course run by Leeds English Language School in the UK will provide you with an . Trinity College London ESOL is an international English Language examinations board delivering assessments in English language learning and teaching and has been offering English language examinations since Trinity College London's exams are taken by over , candidates in over 60 countries each year.

[citation needed]Language certificates offered include English for Speakers of.

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