Tumor microenvironment thesis upsala

Managing metastasis Because of the poor prognosis of metastatic cancer, it is critical to determine exactly how different factors contribute to cancer spread. They found that decreased presence of lymphatic vessels and reduced immune cytotoxicity were more strongly associated with the metastatic process than tumor-intrinsic factors such as chromosomal instability or cancer-associated mutations. These data support testing the Immunoscore as a biomarker to predict metastasis and guide therapy. Abstract Although distant metastases account for most of the deaths in cancer patients, fundamental questions regarding mechanisms that promote or inhibit metastasis remain unanswered.

Tumor microenvironment thesis upsala

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Online Webinars; Evaluation of the tumor microenvironment using image Online Webinars. List of Webinars Evaluation of the tumor microenvironment using image analysis for clinical trials. EVENT Recently, efforts have focused on the tumor microenvironment as an indicator of response to immunotherapy. Specifically, “hot” tumors with. Transplantation, Tolerance and Tumor Immunology [TTT] Study Section reviews applications involving the making and breaking of immune tolerance. The areas of focus include human and animal studies of transplantation immunology, mechanisms of acquired immune tolerance, tumor immunology and .

HSPGs are expressed on the cell surface and in the extra-cellular matrix ECM where they have diverse biological functions, for example co-receptor functions. The diverse functions of HS are linked to structural variability of the polysaccharide. In this thesis, I investigated HS structure-function relationship by using different cell and animal models of one HS-biosynthetic enzyme, glucuronyl C5-epimerase Hsepi and one enzyme responsible for post synthetic modification, heparanase.

Deletion of Hsepi in mice resulted in neonatal lethality, with multiple organ defects, indicating the importance of HS in embryogenesis. Up-regulated expression of heparanase is found in most human tumor tissues, correlating with increased metastatic potential and decreased survival of cancer patients.

Heparanase role in cancer progression has led to clinical trials where inhibition of heparanase activity is currently being evaluated as a potential cancer treatment. Heparin, a HS-related polysaccharide, is being used to inhibit heparanase activity. In my second project, we studied the effect of low molecular weight heparin LMWH on cisplatin resistance of ovarian cancer cells Acis.

LMWH treatment of Acis cells reduced Wnt-activity in these cells and consequently reduce the drug resistance. We found Lewis Lung Carcinoma LLC2 cells showed faster growth, bigger tumors and more metastasis in the Hpa-tg mice as compared to wild-type WT mice, because of suppressed antitumor immunity in the Hpa-tg mice.

The study indicated that the developmental defects in Hsepi mice could be contributed by a higher BMP signaling. The distal lung of Potential mechanisms behind the failure of type I cell formation was identified to be reduced vascularization and a sustained signaling of Smad pathways.

Tumor microenvironment thesis upsala

Place, publisher, year, edition, pages Uppsala: Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis, Our laboratory is focused on understanding the role of the tumor microenvironment in cancer progression. Despite many great strides in cancer research, metastas.

Heparanase expression soils the microenvironment for tumor growth by enhancing Notch signaling and suppressing antitumor immunity.: Heparanase effects on immune response in tumor microenvironment.

Fábio Gabriel Pereira Lampreia BSc in Biochemistry Overexpressing BDNF in Neural Stem Cells using non-viral gene delivery strategies Dissertação para obtenção do .

A manuscript must be submitted prior to graduation, and the thesis comprises a substantial component of the certifying (oral) exam. We hypothesize because of exposure to research that REI physicians will continue to conduct research and contribute significantly to the field of reproductive medicine.

Jun 08,  · By leveraging tumorgraft (PDX) RNA-Seq data, we developed an empirical approach, DisHet, to dissect the tumor microenvironment (eTME). We found that 65% of previously defined immune signature genes are not abundantly expressed in Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC), and identified novel immune/stromal transcripts.

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Regulation of invadopodia by the tumor microenvironment