Writing an artist statement tips for selling

Home A CV or curriculum vitae is an overview of your artistic professional history and achievements. Although it looks similar to a resume, it contains different elements which are only related to your artistic professional practice. One mistake emerging artists often make in writing their CVs is trying to oversell their work. Your CV should be neatly organized, and only include information pertinent to your artistic career.

Writing an artist statement tips for selling

An artist statement is most often the front line of communication between an artist and the public. It will be used when you submit your portfolio to competitions, galleries, and museums.


It may sometimes be displayed when people are viewing your works in person or on your website. How To Create A Professional Portfolio There are many paths to becoming an artist, through school or an apprenticeship, or through inspiration and self-teaching but no matter how you got there, being a professional artist means that you have to have an artist statement.

Luckily, Agora Experts are here to help. There are three elements to consider: Many visitors are interested in knowing about your artistic process. Describe your works; what colors do you use, do you make large marks or small marks, or do you use blending so there are no visible marks at all?

Are your paintings abstract? Do you take photos of landscapes? What is your imagery? When people describe what you make, what do they say?


Describe the content of your works in a general way to flow from how you work to what you make. Why do you make what you make?

What does your life say about your work and your work say about your life? What symbols do you use and why?

Explain the influences behind the meanings of your works. However, if one category seems far more relevant to your work than the others, feel free to emphasize it in your statement.

Balance your content in any way you need to. Write down the answers to these questions on your own and then cut them down do the absolute essentials. Once you have your content, then you can move to style. Would you like to be updated with our latest articles and gallery events? Subscribe to our newsletter!

Use accessible vocabulary; keep in mind that your readers may not be scholars, artists, or art historians. Make sure the content in your artist statement is not too complex or technical.

This will intimidate your audience. Even the most interested person will get lost in too much information. The average museum and gallery visitor spends 5 to 15 seconds looking at each artwork, according to numerous museum surveys. Keep updating your artist statement as you grow and evolve as an artist.

Read your statement out loud to make sure it flows properly. Read it to people familiar with you and your work and listen to their comments. If you are represented by a gallery, or if you have an agent, see if they are available to help you with your statements.

Agora Gallery, for example, often helps artists edit their statements. If you are sending your statement somewhere with a word requirement usually between words take their advice and write at least that much. Write your statement in your native language first, and then translate it.

writing an artist statement tips for selling

You can use a professional translator, or you can try to translate it with an application online. Just be sure that you have it double checked by a native speaker of whatever language your statement will be published in before you submit.

Do your very best to compose something for yourself. Do not submit a statement with too little information or no statement at all. If a gallery or competition asks for a statement, be sure to provide one. If there is a suggested word count, meet it.How to Write a Good Artist Statement and/or Resume.

‹ Previous article by date. This week’s tutorial will take you through the process of writing your artist’s statement, and lay out some basic guidelines for writing your resume as well.

Tips for Selling art Online How to Start Selling Art Websites for Artists Color Wheel & Theory. June Berry is over 90 years old and is still painting and still selling her art on a How to write an artist statement (TIPS) The language of an Artist's to include - and what you need to leave out; Visual matters: how and where to present your Artist Statement; ADVERT.

ABOUT ART BUSINESS INFO. FOR ARTISTS This website provides a. Apr 13,  · Information on how to write a strong, believable artist statement.

I presented this during my classroom observation hours to juniors and seniors in Drawing class. It can be used as a flipped. Your artist statement is a written description of your work that gives your audience deeper • Used as a reference for: promoting, describing, selling, writing about your work by gallerists, curators, publicists, critics, journalists etc.

How To Write An Artist Statement: Tips From The Art Experts These valuable tips along with an infographic for quick reference will help you in writing and perfecting your artist’s statement. "How To" Tutorials. How to Write an Amazing Artist Statement 14 Comments Guest bloggers Sara Jones and Andrea Wenglowskyj, the team behind Kind Aesthetic, are long-time collaborators, artists and advisors who have put together a toolkit for visual and performing artists to achieve their professional goals. Here are some valuable tips for writing an artist’s statement: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE Remember, as an artist you are not only writing to an art gallery, but also to visitors, students, and potential buyers.

Getting Started Writing An Artist Statement BRAINSTORM: 10 MINUTE WRITING EXERCISES 1. Online Marketing for Artists. Learn to sell your art online. Home; About; Coaching. Solo Sessions; Here are five tips for improving any artist statement: 1.

writing an artist statement tips for selling

Start Off With a Bang. you might also be interested in some of the ways I handles writing an artist statement. TIPS: How to write an Artist Statement she presents a refreshing and alternative view on how to write an artist statement; It helps artists learn how to do better at being business-like, marketing and selling art and looking after their financial security.

6 Tips for Writing an Artist’s Statement